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“I’ll never forget” – Tony Khan On What Jim Cornette Said About CM Punk’s AEW Debut

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• “I’ll never forget” – Tony Khan On What Jim Cornette Said About CM Punk’s AEW Debut

On an episode of Busted Open Radio, All Elite Wrestling promoter Tony Khan spoke highly of Old School WWF Manager James E. Cornette, claiming Jim’s recent criticism and reviews of AEW were ‘fair’.

Cornette is very well known for bashing AEW ever since they opened their doors in 2019.

Here’s what Khan had to say about him:

“To be fair to him, these are his opinions. He says what he thinks, and there is stuff on the show that he’s liked before and there’s stuff he hasn’t liked, and I think he’s still like that. He’s not saying he loves everything on the show but he has acknowledged a lot of great stuff that happened.

What really tickled me and I thought was very cool was his line about CM Punk’s arrival, about his debut appearance in AEW on The First Dance. And I’ll never forget, his exact quote was, ‘Well, it wasn’t what I would have done. It was a lot better. It was perfect.’

I thought that was awesome and it was very fair because I think it was our perfect moment, and it was very cool of him to say. He has been very fair recently with the stuff he said, and I think that’s great.

I think a lot of us don’t necessarily agree with all of his opinions, and clearly, he doesn’t agree with everything he sees on our show. But he’s got a lot of fans for a reason, and it’s cool to see he’s really enjoying some of the stuff he sees on the shows. And I don’t think anybody can argue with the success. He’s an intelligent person.”

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