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“I’ll take a pay cut” – Former WWE Star During Her Release Phone Call

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• “I’ll take a pay cut” – Former WWE Star During Her Release Phone Call

During an appearance on Renee Young’s podcast, former RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax recalled her WWE release from last year and getting the call about it from John Laurinaitis (Head of WWE Talent Relations).

Below is what Jax said:

“It went by so fast my break. I was like ‘oh sh*t, it’s coming up.’ I’ll never forget, I just hit Johnny up and I was like ‘hey. I know that my break is coming up, but I just don’t feel right now. Is there any way we can kind of extend it to Rumble? I know I’ll be in a better place.’

That was on a Wednesday I hit him up about that. Then Thursday he called me, and of course, I see his name on my phone and I’m like ‘oh, he’s calling me to talk about this. So cool.’

And then I pick up the phone and he was just like ‘hey kid. I hate to do this.’ And instantly when I said that, I was like ‘oh am I getting released?’ And he said ‘yeah.’

He said ‘I’m so sorry. Due to budget cuts.’ You know, the whole spiel. And I was just like ‘oh okay. Well I’ll take a pay cut if that’s what’s needed.’ Just because I knew it was a whole script. And he said ‘oh, that’s not it.’

And I was like ‘oh, so you just want a total, different change.’ He said ‘yeah, that’s it. We’re just going to put you under 90 days.’ And I hung up the phone and I was relieved.”

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Old School Japanese Wrestling Legend Genichiro Tenryu (Real name: Genichiro Shimad) celebrates his 72nd birthday today.

Most Old School WWF Fans will remember Tenryu as an entrant in both the 1993 and the 1994 Royal Rumble matches.

He wrestled for 39 years, from his pro-wrestling debut in 1976 until his official retirement in 2015.


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