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“I’m not accepting anything under 7 figures” – MJF On The Bidding War Between WWE & AEW

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AEW World Champion MJF was a guest on a recent episode of Hot Ones: Truth Or Dab, where he promoted the upcoming AEW All In pay-per-view event.

MJF was first asked when his AEW contract is set to expire, to which he replied:

“January 1, 2024.”

After that, he went on to say that he won’t accept anything less than a seven figure contract from either company (WWE or AEW).

“They better back up the goddamn Brinks truck, okay pal? Realistically, I know there’s a lot of money that’s going to be thrown my way from both sides. I’m not accepting anything under seven figures, I won’t even make eye contact with a contract that’s under seven figures.”

MJF has been quite vocal about wanting a good amount of money from whichever promotion he works for.

He had issues with AEW President Tony Khan last year for paying him less than the ex-WWE talents that were joining the company at that time.

This led to him going on a hiatus in summer of 2022 and returning at All Out 2022 when he was offered a pay raise.

MJF tweeted the following about the ticket sales success of AEW All In 2023 and WWE WrestleMania 40:

“Both companies setting attendance/gates records left and right.

Pro wrestling is winning.

The fans are winning.

But most importantly and I think we can all agree on this, I’m winning. #Betterthanyou”

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