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Impact Wrestling Officials Not Happy With Former TNA Star Joining WWE Next Week, WWF Veteran Comments On Tag Team Titles Not Being Involved In The Top Tag Team Match At Clash of Champions 2017

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• WWF Veteran Comments On Tag Team Titles Not Being Involved In The Top Tag Team Match At Clash of Champions 2017

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz discussed the Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn – Randy Orton/Shinsuke Nakamura tag team match at Clash of Champions 2017 and how this tag team match is bigger than the SmackDown Tag Team Title match.

Below is what Taz said:

“The yep stuff….Yep! Yep! Yep!… I love it, the play off of the Yes! Yes! Yes! I think it works and it’s cool. Daniel Bryan second guest referee thing, I think that’s cool too. Seems like there’s definitely something brewing here with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. I liked that.

What I really liked was the promo work by Sami, Kevin and Daniel Bryan during that segment. I thought it was excellent. The one thing I’m not crazy about is the overview and the story of what’s going on here about Sami and Kevin could be fired and all this stuff.

That firing angle should’ve been done about three weeks ago. It’s like three or four weeks late. They should have did that when these two cats were sent home from that overseas tour. That’s when you want to shoot this angle. Not now. It’s a little anti-climatic in my opinion. So it doesn’t really seem like a shoot.

But I do think that the performance of the guys were great.. I liked all that. I think it’s six people now involved with the segment with this match on Sunday. I’m not crazy about the tag-team thing about Randy and Nakamura as I told you. I think that tag team match, and this is where I’m Old School, that tag team match means more than The Usos as Tag Team Champs on Sunday for some reason for me.

It’s The Usos versus The New Day versus Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable versus Rusev and Aiden English in a Fatal 4-way match. I could appreciate them trying to get all the talent on the show to keep promoting guys and to let guys make money. I do appreciate that, but I gotta tell you, it just seems like let’s try to fit three pounds of baloney in a one pound bag and get all these guys on the segment.

The big push in regards to tag teams for this show on Sunday, the Clash of Champions, is the Kevin Owens – Sami Zayn match because of the story and then there’s no titles on the line. So why should there be a tag team match that’s more important when there’s a tag team title match that’s not as important. Yeah Fatal 4-way match, it’s cool, a lot of fans love that, it’s a lot of action, it’s gonna be a great match.

I’m not knocking the guys in it, but the bigger push story is the Shane McMahon-Daniel Bryan as the refs. So what I’m saying is it might have been better in a way if they could have done something where it wasn’t a tag match. I understand why they’re doing it. Because of Owens and Zayn as this unit.

The thing I really don’t feel, the Orton – Nakamura thing together. If you want to go Kevin Owens – Sami Zayn as a tag team and do this angle with Shane and Daniel Bryan as the refs then let’s make it for the titles and let’s get the titles on some babyfaces whoever that is in the tag team realm.”

• Impact Wrestling Officials Not Happy With Former TNA Star Joining WWE Next Week

As we noted before, former Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Rockstar Spud is currently scheduled to make his WWE debut on next week’s programming as a part of the Cruiserweight Division (this means he’ll work Raw & 205 Live).

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Impact Wrestling officials aren’t happy with Spud leaving them to join WWE as they spent a significant amount of money on Spud’s visa issues.

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