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“Is that the last time I’m ever going to see Vince McMahon?” – Top WWE Star

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• “Is that the last time I’m ever going to see Vince McMahon?” – Top WWE Star

During an interview with BT Sport, former WWE Champion Seth Rollins was asked about his reaction to Vince McMahon’s retirement.

Rollins said he heading to a WWE Live Event when he read the news and was completely shocked.

Below is what he said:

“I was just, I couldn’t believe it. It is one of those things that you will never forget. I was at the airport, we were heading out to a live event. We were flying out on a Friday.

The thing went out at like 3 o’clock central and so I got the text. I was coming through the security line and I got the text ‘check your app for a note from the chairman’.

I click it and sure enough, he just was retired. I was like (shocked face), and Becky (Lynch) was with Rue looking at a statue of a deer at the airport in Iowa. She was looking at the deer statue and I was like, she just saw my face from a distance and she’s like ‘what’s wrong?’.

I’m like, ‘did you get the text?’ and she’s like ‘no, what?’. I had her look at it and she was like ‘oh my God.’ I think both of us were just like ‘what?’. I always thought, you know Vince is older, so I thought at some point in my tenure in WWE as I intend to be here for quite a long time, he would retire, be forced out, die on the job, who knows.

But when it happened, it was so abrupt, I was not prepared. Emotionally, it got me emotional because I love Vince. He’s been like a father figure to me over the past 10 years. He’s someone that his approval means a lot to me.

So I kind of was just like wow, is that the last time I’m ever going to see Vince? Am I ever going to see him again?

When you have such a close relationship with someone, ups and downs, it just felt like I was losing a friend, and losing a mentor. I didn’t know whether to be excited or not. It kind of felt inappropriate to be excited about something like that.”

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