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“It could get ugly” – Backstage News On Cody Rhodes’ AEW Departure

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• “It could get ugly” – Backstage News On Cody Rhodes’ AEW Departure

The pro-wrestling world was left in shock today when AEW announced the departure of Cody Rhodes from the company.

Fans are even more shocked now, as multiple sources have reported that Cody is now in talks with WWE and is expected to sign with them.

According to Andrew Zarian, Cody’s departure was much more than a financial situation:

“I can tell you this much. It’s not just money. This is not just a financial disagreement.

Considering the fact that he’s one of the founders…when you’re involved from the start like this and you are part of the creation of a company like this, you generally don’t leave just for financial reasons. You generally leave because there’s other issues.

Now, I don’t know exactly what those issues are. People hear rumblings of creative or just business ideas and things like that, but I think this is all going to come to light in the next couple days I assume now that it’s out there that he is out of the company.

WWE’s obviously showing interest and he’s showing interest in WWE. I hope it doesn’t get ugly, because I hate when things like this get ugly. But, very possibly, it could get ugly.”

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