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“It looks and reeks of desperation” – Seth Rollins On AEW Wrestlers Taking Shots At WWE

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• “It looks and reeks of desperation” – Seth Rollins On AEW Wrestlers Taking Shots At WWE

During a recent interview on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, former WWE Champion Seth Rollins talked about mentioning Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose) during his feud against Universal Champion Roman Reigns in January 2022.

Rollins also gave his opinion on AEW wrestlers taking shots at WWE and why WWE stars don’t do the same.

Below are the highlights:

On if WWE Officials were made when he mentioned Jon Moxley during his promo segment with Roman Reigns:

“Not one thing. Not one single thing. Nobody said anything to me about it. Everyone knows he’s a part of our history. You can’t do Seth and Roman without Dean or Mox, whatever you want to call him. You can’t do it.

To ignore that part of our history and put him aside and focus on Roman and Seth, the focus was Roman and Seth, that was the story, but he’s a part of that so to ignore that and pretend he didn’t exist is silly.

I referred to him by the name he prefers to go by and that’s where we’re at. I heard nothing in response to it backstage.”

On AEW wrestlers taking shots at WWE and WWE stars on their programming:

“To me, it’s one of those things where, if it’s very useful, it’s fine. The references you spoke of (Rollins mentioning Moxley, CM Punk mentioning WWE) are two kind of different things.

I didn’t use the reference to Mox to talk down to somebody. I wasn’t trying to diminish anyone’s accomplishments. It wasn’t like that. He’s part of our story, Roman wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Mox and I.

The other side of that coin is the way that it can be used by those guys. They can do whatever they want. I find it very tacky and low-brow, personally. I think it looks and reeks of desperation.

I don’t think it’s anything on our television show that we need to go there and talk down about those guys. They are doing their thing, they’re doing it very well, we’re very happy for them. I am, at least personally.

Are they on our level? No. They have a long way to go to catch up to us. That’s fine and they know that. They do things differently.

From my perspective, it’s a step down for us to use it as an insult. That’s my perspective. People may not share that opinion.”

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March 30, 1945 – October 26, 2008

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