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“It’s gonna be challenging to make it work” – AEW Personality On Wyatt Sick6

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On the June 17 episode of WWE Raw, fans witnessed the return of Uncle Howdy and the debut of the Wyatt Sick6. This new stable made an immediate impact, laying waste to everyone backstage and standing tall as the show concluded.

With many elements reminiscent of the late Bray Wyatt, including Uncle Howdy’s involvement, comparisons between the Wyatt Sick6 and Wyatt’s legacy were inevitable.

Current AEW commentator Jim Ross recently shared his thoughts on the debut of the Wyatt Sick6 during an episode of his podcast, “Grilling JR”. Ross acknowledged the group’s potential but emphasized the unique challenge they face in trying to live up to Bray Wyatt’s legacy.

“I saw highlights of it, I did. I think it’s gonna be challenging to make it work,” Ross began. “Bray Wyatt cast a massive shadow, and he was amazingly talented. The new group doesn’t have anybody that, to me, and I don’t mean to be coarse, but Bray Wyatt can’t be replaced. So the more that WWE can make this new group different, the better off they’ll be.”

Ross elaborated on the difficulties of trying to replicate Wyatt’s impact, drawing a parallel to other wrestling icons. “To try to emulate and to replicate step-by-step, it’s gonna be really challenging. That’s like saying, ‘We’ll get another bald guy with a goatee that can do the stunner, and he’ll be [Steve] Austin.’ Well, it don’t work that way. It just does not work that way.”

Despite the challenges, Ross expressed his support for the members of the Wyatt Sick6 and their potential success. “I’m all for those guys being successful and doing well. It’s all about the business and guys getting an opportunity to provide better for their families, which I’m all for. But I think it’s gonna be challenging.”

As the Wyatt Sick6 begins its journey in WWE, the group faces the significant task of forging its own identity while inevitably being compared to the irreplaceable Bray Wyatt.

Ross’ insights highlight the importance of differentiation and the unique pressures that come with stepping into the shadow of a wrestling legend.

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