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JBL Reveals When WWE Will Stop Using The Part Timers

Goldberg WCW

During a recent edition of “Bring It To The Table” on the WWE Network, former WWE Champion JBL discussed WWE using part timers for their top spots at major PPVs.

JBL noted how WWE brings them back to draw ratings and eventually make more money and this will continue to happen until the New Era guys can draw the same amount of money:

“People complain about a 50 year old guy coming back. That didn’t have to happen during The Attitude Era when we had ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and The Rock, and The Undertaker, and that incredible roster, maybe one of the greatest of all time, you didn’t need anybody to draw ratings. Now, we’re bringing some of these guys back. We have great stars, but Goldberg still draws and until he doesn’t draw and there are people to supplant him, he will always be welcome in WWE.”

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