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“Jeff Hardy didn’t feel comfortable” – Matt Riddle On Canceled WWE Plan

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Before teaming up with Randy Orton to form RK-BRO, there were plans for Matt Riddle to team up with Jeff Hardy.

WWE wanted to call them “The Hardy Bros”. Jeff wasn’t comfortable with this and the plan was dropped.

Here’s what Riddle said during a virtual signing with Signed by Superstars:

“Originally, you know who I was supposed to tag with before [Randy Orton]? Jeff Hardy. We were gonna be The Hardy Bros, and Jeff, I love Jeff, we’ve talked multiple times since.

Jeff didn’t feel comfortable with being The Hardy Bros because Hardy Boys… and I completely understand too. It’s like, that’s your team and we’re changing two letters. I get it.”

Also during this signing, Riddle revealed that RK-BRO was supposed to break up with a heel turn, but he didn’t reveal who was going to turn heel, as he still hopes to complete this story one day by returning to WWE.

Here’s what the former RAW Tag Team Champion said:

“I don’t wanna really say how, because if I do return and then we do the story — yeah, I would say all teams eventually turn on each other. I don’t wanna give the spoiler of who was gonna turn on who.”

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