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Jim Cornette Defends AEW After The Owen Hart Cup Tournament Announcement

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• Jim Cornette Defends AEW After The Owen Hart Cup Tournament Announcement

AEW recently entered into a relationship with The Owen Hart Foundation to honor the late, great Owen Hart and his legacy in the pro-wrestling business.

With this new partnership, All Elite Wrestling will be doing the Owen Hart Cup Tournament every year.

Some fans weren’t happy about this, and claimed AEW is just doing this for publicity, as Owen never worked for them.

These negative comments didn’t sit well with Jim Cornette, and here’s what he said about this on his podcast:

“They are giving Owen’s widow a palatable way to do all the things that fans have wanted, for him to have merchandise and be featured in video games, be recognized, keep his memory alive.

Owen Hart Cup, hopefully they won’t put it on Jelly Nutella or our little dog pockets for heaven’s sake. But she’s doing everything that they’ve wanted, just not with the company responsible for the situation to begin with.

As my mother would say, people would complain if you hung them with a brand new rope. What more do you want? You ain’t going to get nothing folks, I’m talking about all the people b*tching about this.”

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• ON THIS DAY IN WRESTLING HISTORY (September 24, 1995) – NWC Slammin’ TV

On this day in 1995, the National Wrestling Conference (NWC) aired an episode of their short-lived weekly TV Show NWC Slammin’ TV.

This pre-taped episode stood out for a controversial angle, that saw Old School WWF Veteran Virgil being attacked by fellow Old School WWF Veteran Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart as well as NWC Wrestler The Thug, with both of the heels wearing Ku Klux Clan outfits.

Before anyone gets offended or anything, please keep in mind that this is just a professional wrestling storyline, similar to actors playing KKK members in a movie. Same thing.

Of course neither Jim Neidhart nor The Thug were legitimately supporting the Clan. Duh!

Here’s that episode’s card:

– Jim Neidhart (dressed in a KKK outfit) attacks Virgil

– Jim Neidhart interview

– NWC update (on Johnny Psycho Paine)

– Power Twins vs. Dreaded Paine

– Powers of Pain interview

– Johnny Paine interview

– Powers of Pain vs. Aerial Assault (Rob Van Dam/Bobby Bradley)

– Ultimate Warrior interview

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