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Jim Cornette Praises AEW Superstar

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• Jim Cornette Praises AEW Superstar

We all know that Jim Cornette is by far the biggest critic of Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling, but every now and then he also has something positive to say about the product, or at least certain elements of it.

That’s exactly what happened on a recent episode of his weekly Drive-Thru podcast, where Jim spoke about a promo segment featuring former WWE Superstar Rusev, who now goes by the name Miro in AEW.

Here’s what Cornette had to say:

“Miro, now he is cutting promos on God. The guy has been getting over with me. Usually, I have less appeal for these people as the more I see, but Miro is definitely getting over.

He asked God ‘why have you forsaken me? You gave me, what was it, a body of granite but a neck of sand’ because they are playing that he is vulnerable to the DDT or whatever.

But Miro wants his belt back, or else wise he will be switching heel on God, and I liked this. This was good.

If this is the first I had seen of this guy, I wouldn’t know he’s a blithering idiot. I would never have any idea if this was the way I had seen this guy first.”

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