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Jim Ross Discusses How Breakup With Triple H Affected Chyna

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• Old School WWF Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 70th birthday of Old School WWF Veteran Moondog Rex (Real name: Randy Colley).

Most Old School Wrestling fans remember Moondog Rex as one half of the famous 70s/80s/90s Tag Team “The Moondogs”.

The Moondogs won the WWWF World Tag Team Championship in 1981 from Martel & Garea, but during their reign, Moondog Rex’s Tag Team partner Moondog King was replaced by Moondog Spot.

In 1990 & 1991, Colley wrestled for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling as Moondog Rex, but later also appeared as Deadeye Dick of The Desperados.


May 2, 1950 – December 14, 2019

• Jim Ross Discusses How Breakup With Triple H Affected Chyna

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross discussed the history between Triple H, Chyna and Stephanie McMahon on the latest edition of the Grilling JR podcast.

Below are the highlights from it:

On what led to the breakup of Chyna and Triple H:

“We know why they broke up, because Hunter started seeing Stephanie and he got busted.”

On how upset Chyna was about her break-up with Triple H:

“She was just so upset, so distraught. Her breaking up with Hunter was a life changing deal for her. She truly loved the guy. And to Hunter’s credit, if it hadn’t been for him, then we would have never hired her simply because she was unknown.”

On how Chyna would isolate herself in JR’s office:

“I spent many, many hours with Chyna. Not in an intimate way, I should suggest, but just business. And she would sit in my talent relations office, which at the TV shoots, which was basically a little locker room, and she would, I don’t want to say she hid there, but she isolated herself there, like this quarantine, this virus, but man, I had to talk to her, and talk to her.”

On how she wanted a $1 million downside guarantee:

“Her contract was coming up for renewal, and she wanted a million dollars a year, and at that time, that was the maximum number that any talent in the company was making on a downside guarantee. That’s $19,323 a week, if I recall. That’s pretty good weekly pay. And of course, you can make a lot more than that.

Austin had a million dollar guarantee and he had one year where he made $12 million. So the upside was there. She wanted a million dollar guarantee because she felt she was worth more being a female, being even more unique than Stone Cold and some of the other guys, there was only a handful of guys making a million dollars a year. And she wanted that money and I couldn’t move her off her number.”

On how he was concerned about her having to see Triple H and Stephanie together at work if she did re-sign:

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