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Jim Ross Not Interested In Returning to WWE

In a new blog on, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross addressed the rumor of him possibly returning to WWE.

Below is what he wrote:

“Did a short interview with Bleacher Report and got asked the same question that I generally get daily on Twitter and that is if I’d ever consider going back to announcing for WWE. First of all, no talks of that nature have taken place, I am not interested in going back on the road 51 weeks a year and WWE is looking to get younger in all areas and not older.

Would I like to broadcast a match at a WrestleMania? Of course…who wouldn’t? That’s the extent of my thoughts on that matter. I had a great, 21 year run in WWE for which I’m grateful but we’ve both moved on. However, if any one in the biz can honestly look you in the eye and say that being a part of a WrestleMania presentation wouldn’t be fun then I question their level of honesty.

I assume some may feel that way but the vast majority would say yes. That’s the entire story and I’m happy doing what I’m doing and that is being able to work my own schedule and do projects that I enjoy without extensive travel.”

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