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Jim Ross Shoots On The “Smarky” Backlash Crowd

Jim Ross

• Hulk Hogan On How Much He Admires AJ Styles

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan commented on how much he admires WWE Champion AJ Styles for being phenomenal in the ring and even more phenomenal outside the ring and his fans staying by his side.

Below are the highlights:

On how much he admires AJ Styles:

“AJ has turned out to be one heck of a performer, one of the best in the world. Beyond that, he’s just such a good person.

What AJ does in the ring is phenomenal, and that’s why we call him the ‘Phenomenal One’, but when he’s outside the ring, he’s even more phenomenal. It’s so cool to see how he takes care of his family and loves his kids. If people saw him outside of when he wrestles, they’d have even more admiration for him.”

On his fans staying by his side:

“So many people are so loyal. That support has given me my pulse. I’ve wrestled for four generations of people, but after all these years, I never thought the popularity would still be this big. I’ll be 65 in a couple months, and I had no idea there would still be this groundswell of interest. People have stood by me through the good stuff, but also through the controversy. People were loyal and stood behind me even when big corporations made decisions based on their corporate policies. The fans stuck with me. It’s been amazing how loyal they have been to me.”

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• Jim Ross Shoots On The “Smarky” Backlash Crowd

During a recent edition of The Ross Report, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross gave his views on crowd at Backlash 2018 PPV.

Below is what Good Ol’ JR said:

“I didn’t think the fans in Newark were overly kind to the presentation and I’m not gonna get into some debate about, ‘Well we have the right. We paid our money. We can say whatever the damn hell we want.’ Well I guess you can. It doesn’t make you very smart; but, none the less I thought the audience was a little course and you saw the difference in RAW on Monday (better) and of course Smackdown on Tuesday night I thought was a real good audience.”

The crowd in Newark, one of my staffers described as smarky. They seemed like they wanted to beat the traffic, they wanted to get out of there. That wasn’t a very good night for those fans. You can say, ‘Well that’s the promotion’s fault, the promotion didn’t give the fans what they wanted.’ It seemed to me – some fans came there knowing they were not going to have a good time.

They pre-determined that it was going to be a chaos and a calamity and that’s not good. That’s unfortunate. Not everybody was being a look at me. Not everybody was using the tom foolery, piss antery; but, enough did to make it an uncomfortable show and not an enjoyable show to watch.”

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