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Jim Ross Thinks Triple H vs. Seth Rollins Is Definitely Happening At WrestleMania 33

Jim Ross

During a new blog entry on his website, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed this week’s ending to Raw, where Triple H & Seth Rollins got physical (and the segment also involving Mick Foley & Stephanie McMahon).

JR also noted how he thinks Triple H vs. Seth Rollins is definitely going to happen at WrestleMania 33. Below is what he wrote in his blog:

“The close of the show was memorable and well done by all involved. The villains, HHH and Stephanie, were spot on and Foley showed everyone how a babyface sells with their facial expressions especially the eyes and body English. Brilliantly done piece of business.

It felt like the fans accepted Seth Rollins as the protagonist that he is being positioned to be in WWE as Rollins’ courage and SELLING appealed to the fans in Detroit. No, the suicidal, career threatening dives didn’t do it but, instead, it was crowd psychology and the fundamental application of the genre’s most viable dramatic weapon, selling and convincing one’s audience come along for the journey.

For those wondering, I fully expect Rollins vs HHH at WM Orlando where Rollins needs a career defining victory vs a future HOF’ER on the biggest stage of them all. Logically, why would WWE put Rollins on the show closing segment on RAW if they did not have plans on him wrestling at ‘Mania?”

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