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Jimmy Hart Wants To Manage New SmackDown Tag Team

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Former NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly were called up to the WWE main roster earlier this year during the Draft to join the SmackDown brand.

Although the team is still being featured on television, plans for them have seemingly slowed down due to Elton Prince separating his shoulder in a match with The Brawling Brutes last month.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jimmy Hart recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip podcast, where he praised Pretty Deadly and called them a throwback to the old days. He also showed interest in managing the duo.

“Oh my God, there’s a new team that just came in with them (WWE). One of the kids got his shoulder hurt. He was formerly with NXT, and I wish I could think of their name. Deadly something right now — yeah, Pretty Deadly.

I like those kids. You know why? Because they kind of remind me of my era. They talk big, they get knocked around but they’re colorful and they’re not real, real, big giant guys. I like them. I think they can really draw some big money. If I had the chance to do it again, that’s who I’d like to be with. 

Absolutely (the way they dress is a throwback) and that’s what I like about them. I remember when I was on tour with Dick Clark, people would always ask me, ‘Jimmy, you looked so colorful when you were in WWE.’

The reason why is because Dick Clark sat down with me and the Beach Boys and everybody else on our first tour and he said, ‘Look, remember this, we’re here in front of an audience. Give them their money’s worth. If you dress like the audience, one day you’re gonna wind up sitting in the audience.’

Meaning, be colorful, give the people their money’s worth. Don’t come dressed how they are.”

Jimmy Hart was a manager on World Wrestling Federation TV from 1985 until 1993 and then went to Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling with his close personal friend Hulk Hogan, where Jimmy worked as an on-screen manager again from 1994 till 2001.

Pretty Deadly consists of UK Wrestlers Elton Prince and Kit Wilson, who originally joined the now defunct NXT UK brand in 2019.

The team managed to win the NXT UK Tag Team Championship once and the NXT Tag Team Championship twice, before they were called up to the main roster in 2023, when they were drafted to the SmackDown brand.

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