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Jinder Mahal Overtakes Multiple Legends In His WWE Title Reign, Trish Stratus Reacts To NXT Wrestler Looking A Lot Like Her (Photo)

Jinder Mahal Maharaja

Jinder Mahal Overtakes Multiple Legends In His WWE Title Reign

In his current 110+ day reign as WWE Champion, not only has Jinder Mahal become the longest reigning WWE Champion of 2017, but he has also overtaken multiple Legends & Hall of Famers in the list of combined days as the WWE Champion.

Below is the list of Legends and Superstars that “The Modern Day Maharaja” has overtaken in the lost of most combined days as WWE Champion:

André the Giant

Rey Mysterio


Vince McMahon

Stan Stasiak

Ivan Koloff

Rob Van Dam

Buddy Rogers

The Iron Sheik


Jeff Hardy


Bray Wyatt

Sgt. Slaughter

Daniel Bryan

The Big Show

Dean Ambrose

Alberto Del Rio

Sycho Sid

Chris Jericho

Jinder Mahal’s next televised WWE Title defense will be at Hell In A Cell 2017 PPV next month. Till that PPV arrives, Mahal will overtake the following 5 names as well:

Ric Flair

Roman Reigns

Eddie Guerrero


AJ Styles

Trish Stratus Reacts To NXT Wrestler Looking A Lot Like Her (Photo)

Below is what WWE posted regarding NXT wrestler Mandy Rose looking like WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus:

“No, Trish Stratus has not come out of retirement to compete in NXT. However, if you scrolled through the NXT Instagram account Thursday night, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

That’s because a photo of NXT Superstar Mandy Rose is drawing beaucoup comparisons to the WWE Hall of Famer and seven-time WWE Women’s Champion — and even Stratus herself admitted to being momentarily confused.

The pic in question was taken at NXT Live in Rochester, N.Y., and shows Rose alongside her tag team partner for the evening, Mae Young Classic competitor Vanessa Bourne. Members of the NXT Universe quickly pointed out the undeniable likeness that Rose, a former star of Tough Enough and Total Divas, bears to Stratus, and Trish didn’t disagree:

Rose seemed quite flattered by the comparison (how couldn’t she be when being likened to Stratus, one of the most influential Superstars of her generation?) and revealed that Trish is nothing less than an inspiration to her:

Stratus additionally joked that she thought the photo was, in fact, a screenshot of her playable character from the upcoming 2K release, WWE 2K18:

Below is a good photo collection of Old School WWF Diva Trish Stratus:

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