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Jinder Mahal Set To Face A WWF Legend In India? Retired WWE Wrestler Says He’s Trying To Get Cleared To Return To In-Ring Action

Jinder Mahal Maharaja

Jinder Mahal Set To Face A WWF Legend In India?

Old School WWF Legend “The Game” Triple H challenged former WWE Champion “The Modern Day Maharaja” Jinder Mahal to a match at the December 9th WWE Live Event in India and Mahal has accepted the challenge.

Below is what WWE posted about this:

“Jinder Mahal lost the WWE Championship in the United Kingdom this week, but he may have gained a new opponent when WWE Live comes to India this December.

Triple H took to social media Saturday night and, while acknowledging the year Mahal has had, asked the WWE Universe in India if they would like to see The King of Kings go one-on-one against The Modern Day Maharaja in New Delhi on Saturday, 9 December.

After finishing a WWE Live Event in Padova, Italy, Mahal replied in a video, expressing his respect for Triple H, but cautioning that if the match were to happen, The King of Kings would bow to The Modern Day Maharaja.

Confident that he cannot be defeated in India, Mahal made it clear that he relishes the idea of the match and spoke to the WWE Universe to make their thoughts known.

Will Triple H and Jinder Mahal battle in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium on Saturday, 9 December? It’s up to the WWE Universe in India to decide, but the prospect of a match between The King of Kings and The Modern Day Maharaja sounds too good to pass up.”

Retired WWE Wrestler Says He’s Trying To Get Cleared To Return To In-Ring Action

During a recent interview with The Trentonian, retired WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan revealed that he’s trying to get cleared to return to in-ring action. Below is what he said:

“I’m trying to get cleared as we speak. All my tests have come back fantastic, better than people who have never had any concussion-type stuff. But it’s a weird thing. We’re in a weird situation politically with the climate around concussions; right now, it’s very difficult.

WWE would love to have me back, but is that the smart thing for me as a business to bring me back? If I was to come back, and they let me back, would they get a lot of flak for it? They have a ton of stockholders that they’re responsible for. It’s more than just, ‘Is he healthy to do it?’

There’s more than that to the whole situation. All the concussion doctors think that I’m healthy enough to do it, and that I should be able to do it — well, I don’t want to say all of them, I’m sure there’s somebody out there who doesn’t think that — but there’s a lot more than goes into it than just that.

That’s the unfortunate situation with giant corporations and big business in the United States.”

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