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John Cena Reportedly Not In Favor Of Achieving Major Milestone In WWE

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• Old School Wrestling Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 71st birthday of legendary Old School NWA/WWF Manager “Sir” Oliver Humperdink (Real name: John Sutton).

He worked as a manager (and very early on as an occasional wrestler as well) for several different territories, from the early 60s till the mid-90s.

Humperdink managed some big names over the years, such as Bam Bam Bigelow, Paul Orndorff, The Fabulous Freebirds, … & many, many more.


January 16, 1949 – March 20, 2011

• John Cena Reportedly Not In Favor Of Achieving Major Milestone In WWE

According to Tom Colohue, WWE Legend John Cena is not in favor of achieving a major milestone in WWE – breaking Ric Flair’s record of 16 World Championship reigns.

Cena & Flair are both tied at 16 World Title reigns each in the WWE’s record books and it looks like it’s going to remain that way.

Colohue reports that at this point in Cena’s career, all Cena wants to do is book himself in storylines which push the younger talent.

An example of this was Cena’s involvement on the Road to Royal Rumble 2019, where he lost a #1 contenders match and then raised Finn Balor’s arm in victory. Also, an injury angle with him was done to pull him from the Royal Rumble 2019 match and Drew McIntyre was given credit for injuring Cena (storyline wise), so he got a little bit of a rub that way.

Colohue said the following regarding Cena’s relationship with Ric Flair:

“There’s so much respect. They look at each other and see the generational talent, right? Sometimes records or streaks should be broken. Ric’s all for it. John isn’t. He doesn’t want it.”

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