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John Cena Reveals What He Wants To Do In His Late 80s

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving John Cena and NXT.

• During an interview with People Magazine, 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena talked about his life goals and wrestling career.

Here’s what the Hollywood star said:

“At 47 now, my goal is to be physically active until I can’t. I put a number in my head of like, I’d like to be physically active into my late 80s or 90s. To do a parallel squat in my late 80s.

I know my WWE journey is coming to an end, but fitness was a part of my life long before the WWE journey started. Fitness will be a part of my life, hopefully as long as my heart’s beating.

So the WWE has been a great chapter in my life — it’s year 23 for me — and the sun’s setting on that chapter in the book, but fitness will never not be a part of my life.”

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• In a significant development for WWE NXT, the popular wrestling program is set to change television homes in the coming months. This move is part of WWE’s broader strategy to capitalize on its growing success and lucrative media deals.

WWE’s financial prowess continues to soar, thanks to its profitable TV deals with NBCU and FOX, record-breaking live event attendances, and soaring merchandise sales. The company has also solidified its streaming presence with Peacock for premium live events, further monetizing its extensive library.

In a groundbreaking agreement, WWE struck a deal with Netflix to air Monday Night RAW, moving it from the USA Network starting in January 2025. This deal spans 10 years and is valued at over $5 billion, ensuring at least $500 million annually for WWE.

Additionally, WWE has secured a substantial raise for SmackDown’s broadcasting rights. Currently earning $205 million per year from FOX, WWE will receive $287 million annually in its next deal with NBCU, which will see SmackDown shift to the USA Network.

NXT will move from the USA Network to the CW Network. The anticipated debut date on the CW Network is October 1st, according to PWInsider. Although WWE has yet to confirm the exact premiere date, initial plans indicate that the show will be hosted outside of the Performance Center, taking place in a major arena.

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