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John Cena Says He Has NEVER Used PEDs & Is “All Natural”

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John Cena claims he has never used steroids.

Almost all professional wrestlers back in the day used PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) to look larger than life and help with their body’s recovery from the toll of the bumps in the ring.

However, not everyone openly admits to using them due to the stigma attached to them.

WWE Legend John Cena was a ripped 250 pound wrestler in his prime. He later dropped some size when he became a Hollywood actor. Cena’s physique has always been larger than life, which always leads to speculation of PED use.

During an interview on The Howard Stern Show, Cena directly addressed these questions, confirming that he has never turned to performance-enhancing substances, even when discussing his capacity to lift heavy weights.

Cena expressed, “The profession calls for it. Yeah, you gotta lift folks and throw them”.

Stern questioned Cena’s commitment to remaining “all natural”.

Cena replied, “Still. Yeah, still”.

Stern then pondered the potential advantages Cena might have gained by using such substances, given his already impressive physique.

Cena acknowledged the temptation but cautioned about the risks involved, noting, “There’s risk-reward there. You know, if you hit the gas pedal too early, you can get a lot of bad stuff happen long-term… I love to work out. Like you said, I know it’s important. I love it. It’s kind of like my meditation”.

Further in the conversation, Stern asked if anyone in the wrestling industry had suggested to Cena that using performance enhancers could further his career.

Cena dismissed the notion, revealing, “Not really. I’ve been 225 pounds since I was 17 years old. So I always feel that my frame… I guess that’s why I never needed it.”

The 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion elaborated on his health monitoring routine, stating, “I get my bloodwork done 3 times a year, and my testosterone is fantastic for a 47-year-old.”

Stern inquired about the significance of Cena’s testosterone levels, prompting Cena to explain their implications for his overall health and longevity.

Cena clarified, “It’s an indicator of, like, how much my body can repair itself, how much I can build, how many days I’m gonna feel good, how many days will I feel intrinsically driven to do work.”

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