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John Cena Takes A Shot At Roman Reigns Again? Former Divas Champion Reveals When She Would Return, Kevin Owens On Why He Dropped The “Face Of America” Gimmick

John Cena & Nikki Bella

Former Divas Champion Reveals When She Would Return

During an interview with Inside The Ropes, former Divas Champion Nikki Bella was asked if she would be returning to in-ring action in WWE and if yes, then when would that be. Below is what Nikki said:

“Definitely coming back, and I want to come back when I have my sister by my side. It’s been I think over two years since the Bella Twins have been in the ring together, so I definitely want to make a comeback with Brie. I’m obviously still waiting for my neck to heal, so I’m hoping 2018 is gonna be the time that we come back. I hope before then, but I don’t know if that can happen.

Unfortunately because of my neck, my surgeon doesn’t even want me to come back and ever be in the ring again. But he definitely said I can’t ever be full-time again, and we kind of saw that when I came back last SummerSlam and I went full-time into WrestleMania and I ended up getting injured partially two weeks before that. It’s very tough on my body having a full-time schedule, unfortunately.”

Kevin Owens On Why He Dropped The “Face Of America” Gimmick

During a recent interview with Argus Leader, former United States Champion Kevin Owens revealed why he dropped the “Face of America” gimmick. Below is what he said:

“I’m moving away from that now by choice because there’s so many people on SmackDown right now talking about America. Whether it’s Jinder Mahal or Rusev, I don’t like being like other people. When I started the Face of America, there was nobody on SmackDown doing that kind of stuff, and now there’s too many of us. I’m going to go back to being Kevin Owens, and that’s always worked out pretty good for me.”

John Cena Takes A Shot At Roman Reigns Again?

As seen on last week’s Raw, John Cena ended up getting the better of Roman Reigns in their promo battle. Below is what Cena posted on Instagram:


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Cathy Kelley noted in a video that this Instagram post of Cena was a reference to Nas destroying Jay-Z on the 2001 track and then went on to note that many fans felt Cena did the same to Reigns on Raw.

You can watch the promo segment between Reigns & Cena in full length below:

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