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Karen Jarrett On Who Was Better In Bed Between Jeff Jarrett & Kurt Angle

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The old saying “Never bring your wife into the business” is something that a lot of Wrestling Superstars of the past would confirm in a heartbeat, whether it’s Marc Mero (lost Sable to Brock Lesnar), Kevin Sullivan (lost Woman to Chris Benoit) or Randy Savage & Steve McMichael (who had their respective wives divorce them, while they were on the road).

Another case of that happening in the not-so-distant-past would be Kurt Angle’s wife Karen Angle divorcing her husband in 2008, when both were on Total Nonstop Action! (TNA) TV every week.

Karen did leave Kurt for another Wrestler, TNA’s co-founder Jeff Jarrett, and the couple got married in 2010 with her changing her name to Karen Jarrett.

What followed was a real-life-storyline-rivalry between Angle and Double J, including a mixed-tag-team-match at the TNA Sacrifice 2011 PPV of Jeff & Karen against Kurt and legendary WWF Diva Chyna.

During a recent Q&A in England (UK), a fan asked her who’s a better lover in bed, her ex-husband Kurt Angle or her current husband Jeff Jarrett.

Here’s what Karen replied:

“Billy? What’s [the fan’s] name? Billy, who am I sitting next to right now? That should answer your question.”

Karen obviously chose her current husband. You can watch it below:

The Q&A happened at the weekend of the All In 2023 pay-per-view, that took place in London, England.

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