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Kelly Kelly Reacts To Claims Of Her Having An Affair With Kurt Angle

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• Kelly Kelly Reacts To Claims Of Her Having An Affair With Kurt Angle

In 1998, Karen Angle & Kurt Angle got married and have 2 children together, but eventually got divorced in 2008 and Karen fell in love with Kurt’s on-screen TNA opponent Jeff Jarrett, whom she married in 2010 and from that point onwards was known as Karen Jarrett.

AEW World Tag Team Champion Max Caster of The Acclaimed dropped a diss track on Jeff Jarrett on the December 28th 2022 episode of Dynamite, where he said:

“You’re the worst Jeffrey since Dahmer. Sailing upwards is just your way of life, and you’re stealing money like it is Kurt Angle’s wife.”

Kurt Angle then tweeted (and later deleted):

“When you got to use my name to get heat after 12 years #MoveOn”

Karen went to Twitter and threatened to expose a lot of dirt that she has on her ex-husband. She even went on to claim that Angle cheated on her with former WWE Divas Dawn Marie & Kelly Kelly.

Here is what she wrote in several tweets:

“We can start here. My marriage to Kurt was over LONG before Jeff and I started seeing each other…

We were legally separated at the time Kurt signed with TNA, living in different homes. We got back together and I tried to get over the affairs among other things that went on in our marriage. But obviously wasn’t able.

Funny and sad how all of that has been swept under the rug over all these years. Jeff didn’t steal me from anyone. #DawnMarie #KellyKelly #DeanneSiden to name a few.

Maybe Kurt will think twice before making threats, insulting/disrespecting my husband. I am done living in fear. I have 24 years of dirt I am ready to start unloading. I am done! #MovingOn

Those assuming those tweets were in response to another tweet. That is incorrect. Someone dug himself a hole off line. Maybe that will all be shared maybe it won’t. I do know I am done living in fear of the threats.”

Former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly tweeted the following about Karen claiming that she had an affair with Angle:

“I keep linked in this tweet I have DMed @karenjarrett to privately ask her and I’m waiting for her response, but I want to go ahead and publicly make a statement that only way I can be linked to Kurt is we were co-workers.

Sorry, but thanks for the Monday morning entertainment lol.”

Kelly Kelly made her WWE debut on the June 13th 2006 episode of ECW at the age of 19. On the other hand, Angle was released from WWE just a couple of months later, on August 25th 2006.

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