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Kenny Omega Allegedly Takes A Shot At CM Punk, Says He’s Not On His Level

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It has almost been a month since CM Punk was fired from All Elite Wrestling, but he still makes the news for the numerous controversies he was involved in there from time to time.

The root cause of Punk’s departure from AEW were his issues with The Elite, which began last year and played a part in many other people in the promotion having a problem with Punk as well.

It seems like Kenny Omega still isn’t over his issues with Punk as he took to Twitter today to take a shot at the former AEW World Champion.

A fan asked The Cleaner about the odds of him competing against Punk in a Street Fighter 6 match under a tweet where Omega was promoting an upcoming Street Fighter match for charity.

Omega responded the following:

“Punk would need to find 2 minutes of spare time. I ain’t on that level 💀”

Apparently, Omega thought that the fan was talking about Punk Da God (another gamer who’s good at Street Fighter), as he tweeted:

“We do mean @PunkDaGod right?

Now I’m getting confused. 😅”

Another fan replied to the AEW EVP’s tweet and implied that he was unprofessional.

Omega then replied:

“You do realize that @PunkDaGod is an actual Street Fighter legend, right? This has NOTHING to do with wrestling and you’re still here with an axe to grind over a charity event??? Pathetic.”

Despite Omega claiming that he was referring to another gamer in his original tweet, many fans believe he was trying to stir the pot by taking a shot at Punk.

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