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Kevin Kelly Reveals Who CM Punk Didn’t Want On AEW Collision

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CM Punk’s debut in All Elite Wrestling in 2021 was a monumental event, celebrated by fans and hailed as a significant milestone for the promotion. However, his tenure was marred by numerous backstage conflicts that ultimately led to his departure.

Among these controversies was Punk’s alleged desire to exclude commentator Excalibur from working on AEW Collision.

Punk’s journey in AEW reached its zenith at Double or Nothing 2022, where he captured the AEW World Championship. Despite this triumph, his reign was disrupted by injuries, including a torn triceps sustained before the infamous Brawl Out incident at All Out 2022.

AEW Collision, a show created with CM Punk in mind, allowed Punk to have considerable input on its direction.

During a recent virtual signing for K & S WrestleFest, wrestling commentator Kevin Kelly shed light on his experiences in AEW and Punk’s influence on his role within the company.

Kevin Kelly revealed that his association with Collision might have been tied to CM Punk’s preference for him over Excalibur. Punk, reportedly, did not want Excalibur to call the show due to Excalibur’s close ties with The Young Bucks, a team with whom Punk had significant issues.

“Here’s the other thing: Was there a one-on-one relationship — was I brought in exclusively because of CM Punk? Who wasn’t gonna have Excalibur call the show, and then when Punk is gone, well now we can get rid of Kevin. We don’t know,” Kelly speculated during the signing.

Kelly’s comments suggest that his position on Collision could have been directly influenced by Punk’s demands. This association likely left Kelly vulnerable when Punk departed from AEW, leading to uncertainty about his future with the promotion. Kelly’s departure from AEW further highlights the complex and often turbulent backstage dynamics that have affected the company’s operations and personnel decisions.

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