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Kevin Nash On How Chris Benoit Was Backstage

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The wrestling world continues to grapple with the complex legacy of Chris Benoit, one of the greatest pro wrestlers of his time whose tragic passing in 2007 has forever altered how fans view his achievements in the ring.

2-Time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently shared his insights into his interactions with Benoit during their careers on the latest episode of his ‘Kliq This’ podcast, shedding light on the personal dynamics between the two wrestlers.

Positive Interactions and Working Environment

Despite the dark cloud that shrouds Benoit’s legacy, Kevin Nash recalled nothing but kindness and a positive working environment when dealing with the Canadian wrestling legend. Nash highlighted that, personally, he only experienced goodwill from Benoit and emphasized the congenial work atmosphere the latter maintained during their interactions.

Eddie Guerrero’s Impact

Nash acknowledged that everything changed with the tragic passing of Eddie Guerrero, a close friend of Chris Benoit. Drawing parallels to his own experience losing Scott Hall, Nash suggested that Guerrero’s death had a profound impact on Benoit, potentially contributing to a downward spiral in the latter’s life.

“I personally, I never had anything but kindness and good work environment with Chris. It’s just, he was a f**king… he lost Eddie and I think that was like me losing Scott, and I just think he spiraled and… I don’t know…”

Addressing CTE and Wrestling Style

Discussing Benoit’s wrestling style and the toll it took on his body, Nash brought attention to the fact that the Benoit’s finisher for two decades involved a Flying Headbutt off the top rope. Nash pointed out Benoit’s relentless work ethic, highlighting his years of dedication, especially in Japan, where he never took a night or match off.

The Tragic Chain of Events

Kevin Nash acknowledged the tragic events surrounding Chris Benoit’s double-murder suicide and the subsequent discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in his brain. Nash’s reflections underscore the somber reality that Benoit’s contributions in the ring will forever be intertwined with the disturbing chain of decisions that led to the untimely end of his life and career.

“And you figure, his finish for 20 years was that flying headbutt off the top. He worked a lot of years in Japan, here’s a guy who never took a night off, never took a match off.”

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