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Kevin Nash Says He Was Joking About Recent Triple H – LA Knight Story

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On a recent edition of his weekly ‘Kliq This’ podcast, 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash revealed that he never had an actual conversation with Triple H about LA Knight’s new WWE contract negotiations.

Nash stated that he was just joking when he said that The King of Kings did not want to pay LA Knight a lot of money.

Here’s what Big Daddy Cool had to say about the situation:

”Last week’s show, to me and you was a good one. How somebody can see that I would just randomly come on my show and talk about things that Paul (Triple H) and I talk about, in a business state. And that I would actually call Paul, during the midst of the week that the merger is finalized and he’s down on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, I’m calling him wondering about what’s going on with one of the boy’s deals?

He knows I love him. Number one, I never tell a story where I call him Triple H. I always call him Paul. I just don’t because he’s not Triple H to me.

The actual message that Paul had last week was, um, I said you know, congratulations. That was you know, that was a lot of s*** to do with that merger. I just said congratulations to get that behind you. He said, ‘How are you doing?’ I said, ‘Hanging in there.’ He asked, ‘Are you okay?,’ as my friends really do worry about me. I said yeah, I said I just told him my shoulders were healing from stem cells.”

Triple H and Kevin Nash share a strong friendship rooted in their wrestling careers. Both iconic figures in the world of professional wrestling, they were also part of the infamous backstage group known as ‘The Kliq’.

This tight-knit group, which included other wrestling legends like Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, exerted significant influence on the World Wrestling Federation during the 1990s. Triple H and Kevin Nash’s friendship has endured through the years, cementing their status as true allies both inside and outside the squared circle.

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