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Kevin Owens Is Back On RAW To Begin A New Feud

Kevin Owens

• Old School WWF Diva Would Have Celebrated Her Birthday

Today would have been the 49th birthday of Old School WWF Attitude Era Diva “Mrs. Cleavage” Marianna (Real name: Marianna Komlos).

She was brought on WWF TV in 1999 as part of the infamous “Beaver Cleavage” incest storyline, that was quickly dropped and she just became Chaz’s kayfabe girlfriend Marianna.

The female bodybuilder passed away from breast cancer in 2004, only a few weeks after her 35th birthday.


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• Kevin Owens Is Back On RAW To Begin A New Feud

On tonight’s episode of RAW, acting RAW General Manager Baron Corbin ordered Bobby Lashley to have a meditation session with Jinder Mahal to control his anger.

Lashley was meditating in the ring with Mahal and this is when Kevin Owens came out of nowhere and brutally attacked Lashley.

Owens ended the segment by powerbombing Lashley on the ring apron.

For those who didn’t watch RAW last week and missed our updates as well, Owens lost to Seth Rollins on last week’s episode of RAW and then ‘quit’ WWE.

You can watch Owens attacking Lashley below:

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