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Kevin Owens Reveals Why He Blocks Fans Who Hate Roman Reigns & The Young Bucks

Kevin Owens

• Old School WCW Valet Celebrates Her Birthday

Old School WCW Valet “The Diamond Doll” Kimberly Page (Real name: Kimberly Lynne Bacon) celebrates her 50th birthday today.

Kimberly joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in 1994 as The Diamond Doll, the on-screen valet for her real-life husband Diamond Dallas Page.

She continued to manage DDP until she turned on him in the main event of the WCW Spring Stampede 2000 PPV and joined Eric Bischoff’s & Vince Russo’s New Blood faction in the process.

Kimberly stayed with the company for a few more weeks her heel turn, before she left WCW for good.

DDP and her eventually got divorced in 2005.


• Kevin Owens Reveals Why He Blocks Fans Who Hate Roman Reigns & The Young Bucks

During a recent appearance on Booker T’s Hall Of Fame podcast, RAW Superstar Kevin Owens explained why he blocks fans who hate on Roman Reigns and The Young Bucks on Twitter.

Below is what Owens said:

“I used to be a huge social media guy. It helped me make a bit of a name for myself while on the independents…But when I came to WWE – obviously they give you a bigger platform than the indies – so you have a lot more people with access to you and people who know you.

Quite frankly, a lot of those people aren’t good people. Through the years I’ve experienced my share of crappy things said about me – you can talk about me and I won’t bat an eyelash – but when they start going after kids, even not my kids…

I get this everyday where I see people, ‘Oh, you blocked my friend on Twitter, why? He never said anything about you.’ I used to see people talk about other people that I care about and they would say really horrible things.

I blocked those people as well because if that’s how they think about people I respect, then I don’t want them to follow me or have access to me.

I’m like, ‘I don’t want these people to have access to me.’ It’s not just Roman as it’s so many people. The Young Bucks are friends of mine and I was tagged in a tweet where this guy was talking about he hopes The Young Bucks break their neck. Then you’re not a fan. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like them, to wish that on someone, I want no part of that.

That’s the kind of stuff that has driven me from social media. I still use it once in a while and I like posting about my family. But I try to keep wrestling out of it because I don’t enjoy that part of it. Everybody’s got an opinion and everybody thinks their opinion is important, but I don’t care for it in that way.”

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