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Kevin Sullivan Talks About Former WWF Champion Not Wanting To Lose To “Midget” Chris Benoit

During a recent interview on “Sitting Ringside” with David Penzer, Old School Wrestling Veteran Kevin Sullivan talked about Hulk Hogan turning heel in WCW, Sid Vicious not wanting to put over Chris Benoit & more. Below are the highlights:

On Hulk Hogan turning heel and when he knew it was time for Hogan to turn heel:
“Hogan’s agent Peter Young cried; actually, cried to me that I couldn’t turn Hogan heel until 2:30 in the morning. Everyone was telling Hogan not to turn heel because it wouldn’t work; it worked great. One night in the old Chicago stadium, Hogan did an interview with ‘Mean Gene’, and they were booing Hogan out of the building. I told Hogan he needed to turn heel, Hogan said, ‘Absolutely Not’! I knew he had to turn heel. The pop wasn’t there. He didn’t look the same. Hogan was a bald man, who was thin at the time.”

On former WWF Champion Sid Vicious not wanting to put over “midget” Chris Benoit:

“David, you know this story. I walked into a room with Sid Vicious, 6′ 9″, with a babyface that was 5′ 8″ at best and asked him to put Chris Benoit over clean. Sid b****ed and moaned and said, ‘why am I putting a midget over’? ‘What is wrong with you?’ Sometimes it not as easy as it sounds.”

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