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Kurt Angle Reveals Which Match Of His Was A Failure

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Kurt Angle once expressed deep disappointment and regret regarding a Lumberjack Match against Eddie Guerrero on SmackDown in 2004.

Their Lumberjack Match took place when Guerrero was unwell, and as it progressed, Guerrero indicated to Angle that something was wrong.

Guerrero even asked for a hold to collect himself. Angle realized Guerrero was physically and emotionally exhausted but admitted he failed by pushing him to continue instead of listening to his concerns.

Angle deeply regretted not paying attention to Guerrero’s needs during the match.

Here’s what the Olympic Gold Medalist said during a Q&A session:

“The one that I remember was the lumberjack match with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie wasn’t feeling well that night. The match dragged on and on. Eddie kept telling me something was wrong. He kept telling me to put him in a hold so he could get his mind and body straight.

It was not the Eddie that we all knew, ‘the greatest of all time’. He was physically and emotionally exhausted that night. It was a failure on my part because I kept pushing him to go harder, I should have listened to him.

Eddie was more to me than a fellow wrestler, he was my brother. It was a bad night for him. And a bad night for me.”

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