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Kurt Angle Reveals Why Batista & Booker T Had A Backstage Fight In WWE

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• Kurt Angle Reveals Why Batista & Booker T Had A Backstage Fight In WWE

On the newest episode of his weekly ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ podcast, our Olympic Hero talked about the infamous backstage fight between Batista and Booker T at a SmackDown! show back in 2006.

Here’s what Kurt Angle said:

“I was there after the fight ended, I heard what occurred. Batista got there for a commercial shoot, I think it was for SummerSlam, and someone approached him and Batista said, ‘Hey, when are you coming over to SmackDown because I have nobody to work with’.

Booker took that as wait a minute, I’m on SmackDown? There’s a lot of people to work with.

I think Batista was just saying, because there were a lot of injuries going on and it was getting a little bare at the top and he was just trying to tell the person I’d love you to come over and work a program with you.

I don’t think it was anything personal against Booker T or anyone else on SmackDown.

Batista said it and Booker confronted him and now the situation got hotter.

Now Booker confronts Batista, makes Batista look like an idiot, Batista confronts Booker and now they end in a fight competition.

The fight occurred, I got there afterward, I saw Booker T had a black eye and Batista was a little banged up and I just thought it was a big misunderstanding.

I know they apologized afterwards and made up and did whatever they had to do to move on, they just misunderstood each other about the whole situation.

It was a shame, it didn’t have to happen.”

Keep in mind that Batista actually had a point there, because 2006 was the first weaker year for the SmackDown! brand, as far as their actual overall roster goes, after it was really hot and on a roll since the very first roster split in 2002.

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