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Kurt Angle Suggests Heel Run For Up & Coming Wrestler

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On a recent edition of his weekly ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ podcast, our 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist stated that he thinks WWE should make the 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson a heel, just like they did with him in 1999, shortly after his arrival.

Kurt also explained that Steveson should not be compared to him and his career.

Here’s what Angle had to say:

“I feel badly for him, because he’s been compared to me at this point in time. And he hasn’t even barely started. He just started right now.

So I don’t know how his future is going to be. I know he’s talented, really athletic. I’m not sure how he is as far as entertainment-wise.

But as far in the ring, I heard he’s really good. But no, I don’t think comparing him to me is a fair assessment to compare him to me right now. I think down the line, you can do that.

But I heard, this is crazy, but people have been coming to me and telling me ‘Hey, he wrestled Baron Corbin in NXT, and the fans were booing the heck out of him. And then he pulled his straps down, and the fans were even more pi$$ed’.

And you know what? That is something that the WWE is actually doing. They understand, they want to make him a heel, so they will have him copy and mimic me.

This is what I believe. I think they’re going to have him copy and mimic me so he can piss the fans off so that he starts as a heel, because it’s easier to be a heel starting than it is to be a babyface.

They’re ones that actually told him to do this stuff. I really believe that, and I think the WWE is brilliant for doing it.”

Over the years, many athletes who competed in the Summer Olympic Games joined the World Wrestling Federation / WWE, including Kurt Angle, Mark Henry, Ken Patera, Bad News Brown, Chad Gable and lately also Gable Steveson.

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