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Kurt Angle Teases A Big First-Time Ever Match For The Women’s Division, Raw Discussion – Kalisto Becomes Cruiserweight Champion Because Of Eddie Guerrero

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Teases A Big First-Time Ever Match

During a recent Q&A session on his Facebook page, Old School WWF Legend, WWE Hall of Famer & current Raw General Manager Kurt Angle was asked why we haven’t seen a women’s Elimination Chamber match yet.

Here’s what Angle replied to the fan: “Patience. You Will.”

Having a Women’s Elimination Chamber match is yet another step in making women in the WWE as important as the men by the WWE officials. WWE has taken this step before as well by doing the first-ever women’s Hell in a Cell and women’s Money in the Bank ladder matches. Another first time ever match that is being planned for women is the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match, which is expected to take place next year.

Taz & Mike Johnson Discuss This Week’s Raw – Kalisto Being Made The Cruiserweight Champion Because Of Eddie Guerrero, WWE Releazing Their Mistake In The US Title Match Finish At Hell In A Cell 2017

Below is the conversation that ECW Legend Taz and PWInsider’s Mike Johnson had about this week’s Raw on “The Taz Show” podcast:

Taz: I just talked about the Sister Abigail.

Mike: Yeah I can’t wait till she debuts on Total Divas, man. It’s gonna be awesome.

Taz: Do me a favor. Tell me what your followers thought? They thought it sucked also or what?

Mike: I can tell you that I was a couple minutes behind on Raw because I was watching the Star Wars trailer, Monday Night Football and immediately my emails started going nuts and there were like nine emails that said what the F in the header. I was like what could have happened? And then I watched it. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t creative. It’s one of those things that and maybe it sounds good on paper to someone, but an execution it hurts everybody involved more than it can ever ever propel them into an interesting scenario. I felt bad for Finn Balor. I felt bad for Bray Wyatt and bad for the audience. it just wasn’t quick enough. I felt bad for me.

Taz: I thought Bray…his performance in it, no matter if it was bad creative or not, was excellent. I had no problem with that. I thought his performance was great. It’s just the creative and not bringing in a new talent and promote somebody from within, you know. I mean really, like I don’t understand that. I mean you got so many girls that you could use for this that are well-suited and would do a great job.

Mike: My initial thought when they said Sister Abigail was alive was “Okay, Nikki Cross is gonna be brought up to the main roster” or… you know… Ruby Riot or somebody who’s got some talent maybe can do this sort of offbeat, sort of presentation.

Taz: The thing I’ve talked about it for my show, that bothers me maybe I’m exaggerating, I don’t think I am now, remember back in the WWE, no matter if it was ECW, WCW or even years ago NWA, AWA, there was new talent that came in and surprised us with somebody new. Just spend some money…. spend some money and sign someone to a deal. Not everyone has to go to the Performance Center. There are plenty of talented wrestlers, male and female, that don’t need to go to the Performance Center. They are f***ing game ready to go on Raw. I mean seriously. Jeez you could look at the Lucha Underground roster of females. And every one of those girls would be great in this role.

Mike: I would hire Ivellise in a second. I think she’s phenomenal.

Taz: A fan tweeted me a little while ago and I’m not too familiar with this girl. I may be saying Su Yung…Su Yung. Oh my god! I mean I’m looking at this girl – Her look is perfect… this is great….. like what are they doing here? I’m assuming this girl’s a talent. I’ve never seen her wrestle. I will look into it. I’m gonna definitely look into her, but geez I mean come on! Hires some new talent for Christ’s sake. What else is going on?

Mike: Enzo Amore versus Kalisto last night was originally booked to be Neville versus Enzo and then over the course of the day they realized they had to back themselves into a corner and they also realized that it was Eddie Guerrero’s birthday. So they decided to do the Title change with Kalisto so they could have Kalisto dedicate the win to Eddie Guerrero, which they did do. So now the Title match at the pay-per-view is going to be a rematch.

The other thing was they were back and forth all day about how they were going to get to Emma challenging Asuka at the pay-per-view. Initially it was going to be a three-way with Emma, Alicia and Nia and it was going to take place on next week’s Raw. Then they changed their mind they moved to this week’s Raw. Then they changed their mind again. They were going to do a six woman tag and then move match back to the next week and then they just decided to make a five-way and did it. They change their minds ten thousand times.

Taz: Well, you know all the years I was there that would happen sometimes. It wasn’t a ton, but that has been concerned. I’ve completely heard that that’s how it is backstage the past couple years. That the decisions are changed on a regular basis and the last idea they hear is the one they go with. I think you gotta go over a little bit of a better game plan. I mean you’re going to do a worldwide TV production and these people know how to do TV better than anybody. Vince knows. But I’m a little surprised and disappointed to hear that they’re indecisive or they’re not sticking to their convictions on writing and they’re that much, you know, waffling back and forth. You got to go into a TV with a game plan.

Taz: What else is up, Mike?

Mike: Well they had a house show in East Lansing, Michigan and the Kevin Owens-Sami Zayn Alliance continued. Sami Zayn was wrestling Michael Kanellis and Owens came out and distracted Kanellis, allowing Sami to hit him with the Helluva Kick and get the win. And then Owens cut a promo with Zayn next to him bragging about beating Shane McMahon.

Mike: An offer has been made to an Academy Award nominee to play Vince McMahon in the movie. Bradley Cooper has an offer to play Vince McMahon in Pandemonium. He is waiting for an updated version of the script and he’s going to make his decision when he sees the updated version. They’re working on it now. If he takes the role and they really want him for this film, they’re gonna start shooting in the spring of 2018. And if he doesn’t take it, they’re gonna try and find somebody else.

Taz: Another thing I want to point out to you guys. On the SmackDown video package, the promotion for SmackDown, that they did early in Raw, to my point they showed a Baron Corbin US Title that AJ is gonna get a shot back at his Title against Baron on SmackDown. This is a prime example of what I said to you people – A little bit of a bad moment by not having Baron pin or submit the Champion to become Champion.

They had him defeat Tye Dillinger and Tye Dillinger was the sacrificial lamb in that three-way match to get the US Title on Baron. I’m telling you straight up right now. To me, and this is why they’re doing this match with AJ versus Baron a one-on-one and I could be tiny bit wrong on this but I don’t think I’m gonna be, this is the opportunity that they want to give Baron. They probably realized that Baron got to get a pin on the Champ.

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