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Kurt Angle Teases Two Big Matches, WWF Veteran Says Guys Like Triple H Get A Lot Of Opportunities

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WWF Veteran Says Guys Like Triple H Get A Lot Of Opportunities, Not Just One

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz talked about Triple H getting a lot of opportunities, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, Drew McIntyre getting injured at NXT TakeOver: War Games & more. Below are the highlights:

On Triple H still being in the spotlight:

“I still can’t wrap myself around a fact in that main event at Survivor Series that we didn’t see a better push for some of those current younger guys. No pun intended, it’s all about “The Game”. I mean it’s all about a guy, he’s 50 years old.

I’m talking about the guys that need this rub to get to that WrestleMania big-time match and being pushed better in the five or five traditional Survivor Series match. Guys like Samoa Joe or Bobby Roode. You know Bobby Roode, talking about him, he had good spotlight stuff on it. We saw that the spot, the DX suckered spot that Triple H did was funny and then he had Roode up cut him on it which was good. That was fine. I liked that.

It’s like Triple H brought these guys in. We heard Michael Cole or one of those guys say it several times. And it got to a point where I was like – Okay, we get it. He’s got a great eye for talent and guys that built their name and their career and he gives them an opportunity. That’s awesome.

That’s why Triple H has done a really good job with NXT. But stay behind the scenes homeboy. Stay in your conference call. Stay in your suit. And let these other people get over. That’s all I’m saying.

I’ll be honest and again I put Triple H over usually. His career, his ability on a microphone, his ability in the ring, his legacy. I would say without a shadow of a doubt he is a first ballot Hall of Famer. Even if he was going on Hall of Fame, I have no problem with that. He deserves it.

Now he has been given a plethora of opportunity over his career. A lot of opportunity. As long as you give me the same opportunities that you give others that get more opportunities. So when I fu*k up that one opportunity, you give me another one.

Or maybe you guys didn’t push it right and I get another one you know and another one. So that happens with guys like Triple H. They get a lot of opportunities. Not one.”

On Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn:

“They better do something with him and Kevin. Vince McMahon took a bunch of bumps and got his a$$ kicked by doing business the right way for his company for a guy named Kevin Owens.

So they need to revisit what they’re doing with Kevin and Sami. And Shane jumping off that damn cell and help him get over in essence Sami with Kevin. So they need to revisit that whole thing and they should be pushing those guys.”

On Drew McIntyre getting injured at NXT TakeOver: War Games:

“I watched that match. I saw unfortunately how Drew tore his bicep. I knew it right away. It was on that spot they did off the ropes for the one-two-three. Cien Almas was supposed to win. Trust me. No one told me this. I know something. I know watching, bro.

I watch and I’ve been in this game for like a long time and lived it. So I see it. I know it. I don’t anyone need to tell me. I don’t need someone from the locker room to call me. I don’t need that.

The guy tore his bicep on a spot because he held the rope too long and it tore his bicep. I’ve only said the ring is a weapon. And he just made a simple accident, a mistake. It happens.

He’s a great talent. I feel horrible for him. I love him. I know him and I hope he kicks a$$ when he comes back. He’ll come back depending what level tear is. It’s a four to six to seven month recovery.”

Kurt Angle Teases Two Big Matches

WWE Hall of Famer and current Raw General Manager Kurt Angle recently teased two big matches, one with Triple H and the other with John Cena. Below is what he posted about Triple H:

“It’s been 16 years since I squared off with The Game, Triple H. He’s now my boss, so things have changed. But the one thing that remains the same is that I will not be a door mat for “anyone”. That’s not me, and it’s not my style. Things can only go two ways from here, better or worse. Either way, I will be prepared. #itsdamntrue”

Below is what Kurt Angle posted about John Cena:

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