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LA Knight Comments On Being Eliminated From King Of The Ring

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On last night’s episode of SmackDown, LA Knight lost to Tama Tonga in the King of the Ring tournament, after multiple distractions from Solo Sikoa and Tonga Loa on the outside.

Before his match, Knight ran into Carmelo Hayes backstage, who bragged about being the 1st round Draft pick.

After the match, Carmelo made fun of LA for losing and LA shoved Carmelo. In the main event of the show, Carmelo lost to Randy Orton in the King of the Ring tournament.

Knight was interviewed after SmackDown went off the air, where The Mega Star said the following about his loss:

“Let me talk to you. Here’s the thing, man. Yeah, three-on-one out there with The Bloodline. You got three savages out there. Look, there’s only so much I can do. I can only keep so many eyes in so many sides of my head. Here’s the deal. Yeah, King of the Ring ain’t happening for me, boo-hoo. What can you do about it?

I can’t do a damn thing about it but keep moving forward. Keep moving. Why? Because I don’t know how to quit. Maybe they’d a little defect with me, okay? But then I walk back here, and I’m just swatting flies off me, mosquitos just trying to bite me off, trying to suck my blood. Who is this new kid talking about first-round draft pick?

(Claps) Good for you. Like somebody cares about it. I’ll tell you what, tell somebody who cares. Tell your mommy, for all you need to. I hope she’s real proud of you. Make sure you tell her, make sure she gives you that congratulations.

But in the meantime, I told you before, I’ll tell you again. Go play somewhere, I’m busy because you will know, everybody around this place knows whose game this is, with everybody saying L..A.. Knight. Yeah!”

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