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Lacey Evans & Mandy Rose React To John Cena Joining OF

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Mandy Rose is considered a prominent figure in the wrestling world for bringing the OnlyFans platform into the spotlight.

However, her efforts might face competition from John Cena, one of the greatest WWE superstars, who recently joined OnlyFans under the alias Ricky Stanicky to promote his film with the same name. Cena even accepted a collaboration proposal from his long-time rival, Randy Orton, on the platform.

With Cena officially on OnlyFans, a fan claiming to be the same person who spent $55,000 on Mandy Rose’s OnlyFans, requested a refund to spend it on Cena’s page. Mandy Rose responded with laughter, seemingly dismissing the request.

Mandy Rose is currently thriving outside WWE, while John Cena has returned to Hollywood after an extended run with the company last summer. The response from The Champ on this matter is yet to be seen.

Lacey Evans, no longer part of WWE, remains active with various projects post her WWE exit, particularly on OnlyFans. She expressed interest in collaborating with John Cena on OnlyFans, suggesting a spicy idea where she would make him salute her.

Despite a brief comeback, Lacey Evans was absent from WWE television for over a month, leading to her eventual departure from WWE.

Lacey responded to a fan question about collaborating with John Cena on OnlyFans, proposing an idea where she would make him salute her:

“I’d make that mfer salute me.”

As mentioned above even Randy Orton expressed interest in collaborating with John Cena on OnlyFans, however the possibility of an OnlyFans collaboration between either Mandy Rose or Lacey Evans with John Cena remains to be seen in the future.

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