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Lacey Evans Took Vince McMahon’s Permission To Get Pregnant, McMahon’s Response

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Lacey Evans recently reflected on her time with WWE and her departure from the company. She was in a prominent storyline on RAW in early 2021, involving Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair, and was set to challenge Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship at Elimination Chamber 2021. However, the match never happened because Evans got pregnant. She returned to WWE in April 2022 and was repackaged multiple times before leaving the company in August 2023.

Speaking with Carlo Perruzza, Evans expressed her love for WWE and recounted her experience. “I mean it was incredible. I love the WWE, it was awesome. I invested so much money in properties, and I’m doing great. I appreciate everything that I have gotten, knowledge-wise, relationship-wise. But from the beginning of my career, I’ve always wanted a family. I’ve always wanted a big family. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, I’ve always wanted to be a wife, and there was nothing that would ever come between that.”

Evans explained how she had to wait for her contract to expire because the company wouldn’t release her early. “7 years I was with the WWE, and it was coming… I was 33 when I finally got to get out of my, they wouldn’t even let me out of my contract, which was fine. You sign a contract, you give them your word. So I had to wait until it ran out, and it ran out in August,” she said.

She emphasized her desire to be a mother and have a big family, noting that she had already discussed her plans with Vince McMahon. “I got two babies, and I want more. I’ve always wanted a big family, and so there was nothing that was going to come in between that. The ride to that title shot and the fact that I was going to be champion was awesome, loved it. Unfortunately, I had already discussed with the company that this was my game plan.

There was no title shot at that time, there was no TV time at that time. I was eating that amazing catering steak and shrimp, having a good old time. So I asked Vince McMahon!, ‘Hey sir, would now be a time to get knocked up and push out a baby and get back in the ring?’ He gave me his blessing. ‘As long as you come back.’ Absolutely, I’ll come back with a 6-pack six weeks post-partum, and I did just that.”

Evans shared how plans changed when she got pregnant, despite initially being set for a title run. “But for some reason, Vince McMahon, if you’re out there listening, decided that shortly after that conversation, it might have been three months, that I was going to hold the title. Well sir, surprise motherf**ker. I got a baby (laughs), so it changed.”

After giving birth, Evans realized she wanted to prioritize her family over the demanding WWE schedule. “Then once I had my daughter, I just knew that I wanted to give her a life that was, no offense to WWE, you girls are doing great out there, but this mama, that’s not how I want to raise my kids, especially newborns, breastfeeding and that nurturing, that time is so important, and that lifestyle is crazy. It worked for my three-year-old coming in. That was not how I was going to raise my newborn. So I changed plans and been loving every minute of it.”

Evans has since embraced her role as a mother and is enjoying her new chapter outside of WWE.

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