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Latest On John Cena’s WrestleMania 40 Status

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving John Cena and Vince McMahon.

• As WrestleMania 40 approaches with much anticipation, fans have been speculating about the potential appearance of WWE Legend John Cena at the grand event. However, recent reports from PWInsider shed light on the uncertainty surrounding Cena’s presence at the highly awaited weekend.

While there are some within WWE circles who anticipate Cena’s arrival in town for WrestleMania festivities, no official confirmation has been provided regarding his attendance.

However, what has been confirmed is Cena’s commitment to his burgeoning acting career, which will significantly impact his availability for WWE events in the foreseeable future.

According to the report, Cena is set to embark on filming the second season of the DC Series “The Peacemaker”, a project that will keep him occupied from June through November.

Word going on is that even if Cena appears at WrestleMania 40 this weekend, he won’t be involved in spots where he’d take bumps and risk injury.

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• Vince McMahon resigned from all his positions at TKO and WWE this January, just a few days after the Netflix – RAW deal was announced, as more allegations came out against him.

During an interview on The Town podcast, WWE President Nick Khan revealed if Netflix forced Vince to resign:

“I don’t know about ‘kill’ but [the allegations] certainly wouldn’t have helped the deal. So those allegations are obviously horrific and serious and we take them and interpret them the same way I think every other reasonable person or organization would take them and you saw the quick resignation… No (Netflix did not tell us to make McMahon resign).

Not in any way, shape or form… No (Vince is not involved in any way). Zero. As a stockholder as I’m a stockholder (is the only way he’s involved). Zero, zero, zero.

By the way, he chose to resign. So, there was no litigation. As you said, there was no threat in litigation.”

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