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Lillian Garcia Messes Up Big Time On Raw

Big Show in WWF

Big Show

Incase you didn’t notice it on last night’s WWE Raw, WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia messed up big time as she announced Big Show as just 4 feet tall.

She acknowledged the mistake on twitter when a fan asked her if she really announced Big Show as just 4 feet tall. Here’s what she had to say.

“Yep…just adding 2 my blooper reel…LOL.”

Lillian Garcia has botched on the mic several times. Once she botched multiple times at a PPV, which was Over The Limit in 2012. At that event, she announced Sheamus as 227 pounds instead of 267.

The second botch of that night occured during the introduction of the Intercontinental Title match between Cody Rhodes & Christian. The third botch came when she announced Ryback’s opponent as Hunico, but he was Camacho.

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