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Lita Working Full-Time Backstage Roles In WWE

– According to reports from PWInsider, WWE Hall of Famer Lita is now working full-time with WWE in a behind-the-scene role.

Reports suggest that she might be working with the WWE Creative Team & Production team. She is said to be playing a liaison role. With that being said, Lita has been backstage at all the recent TV tapins and PPV events, where she was involved in different meetings and discussions.

– Talking about WWE Hall of Famers, Ric Flair recently noted on his podcast that WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would boycott WrestleMania 32 if Michael P.S. Hayes is noted inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year. Here’s what Flair said: “If he’s [Hayes] not inducted this year into the Hall of Fame, as a single, which he should have been in 2011 [at WrestleMania 27 from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta], but in Dallas [Texas], with so much that be brought to the Von Erich family with the Freebirds, Steve Austin quoted, I’m quoting Steve Austin, will not attend WrestleMania.”

Steve Austin shot down this report provided by Ric Flair and tweeted this: “The reports of me boycotting #WM32 are once again, pure bull$hit. The End.”

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