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16. The Hardy Boyz Reach An Agreement With GFW To Use BROKEN Gimmick?

During a Media Conference Call, Jeff Jarrett was asked if The Hardy Boyz have acquired the “BROKEN” gimmick so that they can use it in WWE. Jarrett said no and that no deal has been made between the two sides involved.

This led to Reby Hardy (Matt Hardy’s wife) calling Jeff Jarrett a liar and noted that a deal has been made. Below is what she posted on Twitter:

“Why you lying, Jeff Jarrett? We had agreement terms as of LAST WEEK. Included non-disparagement clause to the tune of 5k every time I tweet something about TNA. But according to Jeff Jarrett, there is nothing? OKAY! ?? Who’s up for another run of #F***ThatOwl shirts? They’ll be up by tomorrow. I haven’t said anything FOR WEEKS. Meanwhile, Jeff, Dutch & Ed all can’t seem to be able to keep us out of their mouths. Snakes.”

Matt Hardy hinted at issues with GFW not being resolved in a tweet from yesterday:

As seen on this week’s episode of Raw, The Hardy Boyz teased becoming “BROKEN” again more than usual. You can watch it below:

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