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Major Issue Between The Rock, WWE & John Cena Related To The Rock’s WrestleMania 34 Availability

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• Triple H Comments On If He Will Be In The Business As Long As Vince McMahon

During a recent interview with Raute Musik, 14 time World Champion “The Game” Triple H was asked if him and Stephanie will be in the business for as long as Vince McMahon.

Below is what Triple H said:

“I think for Vince McMahon, it’s his passion and his life. It’s just who he is as a human being and as a person. For Stephanie, this has been her family business and her life, and a passion as well. Same thing for me. I’ve had a long career and deeply into this.

Vince McMahon will do this until he can no longer do it. I think we feel the same way. We have a strong passion for this, and for us to take his vision is very important for us. Take that vision, which he has done really well, to take that vision from where it is and beyond where it will be to bring the brand, the company, the business and all of it, like he did. To have a vision beyond what it is today and where it can go.

I think that the WWE, in the form of entertainment, as a media juggernaut, and a content creator, and all of that, I think is just scratching the surface of where we can be in the future, and I look forward to that future. When Vince McMahon will no longer be around, I hope Stephanie and I can do it justice and in the future of where it needs to be and hopefully futures beyond that will take it beyond anywhere we can imagine it to be.”

• Major Issue Between The Rock, WWE & John Cena Related To The Rock’s WrestleMania 34 Availability

According to DirtySheets.Net, there’s a major issue going due to The Rock’s WrestleMania 34 availability.

WWE wants The Rock to appear at WrestleMania 34, but The Warner Brothers are in complete control of The Rock’s media schedule. If WWE wants The Rock to appear at WrestleMania 34, then WWE will have to promote The Rock’s upcoming movie “Rampage” (as The Rock will have to miss a media appearance in Europe in order to appear at WrestleMania 34).

With that being said, talks of WWE negotiating for The Rock’s appearance at WrestleMania 34 with all these terms & conditions being kept in mind have angered John Cena.

This is because John Cena’s upcoming movie, Blockers, is set to release before WrestleMania 34 and WWE hasn’t promoted the movie at all.

To keep peace with Cena, WWE heavily promoted Cena’s recent role at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Cena is very disappointed by the fact that WWE didn’t promote his movie, but are willing to promote The Rock’s movie just to have a single appearance from “The People’s Champion”.

We’ll keep you updated regarding The Rock’s WrestleMania 34 status.

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