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7. Vince McMahon Not Happy With A Talking Smack Segment

According to the Wrestling Observer, Sports Illustrated’s report, which stated that the weekly Talking Smack was cancelled because of its unscripted nature and Vince McMahon feeling it wasn’t right for the company, are incorrect because Vince would’ve cancelled the whole show altogether (even the post-SmackDown Live PPV edition of Talking Smack) if it was indeed true.

It is being said that while Vince doesn’t hate the show, he doesn’t watch it either and gets a report about the show on Wednesday.

One particular Taking Smack moment which Vince didn’t like was when Kofi Kingston was cleared to return and The New Day appeared on Talking Smack before making their official SmackDown Live debut. Vince thought The New Day shouldn’t have made an appearance on the show that night and should’ve waited till their official blue brand debut.

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