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16. Jim Cornette Thinks It’s Too Late To Respect Kenny Omega As A Wrestler

Legendary Pro Wrestling Manager Jim Cornette ripped Bullet Club leader Kenny Omega on Twitter yesterday. Below is the conversation Cornette had with the fans about Omega:

Fan: Hey @TheJimCornette why do you hate Kenny Omega? Why keep bringing up that blow up doll thing? Omega doesnt even do that stuff anymore.

Cornette: I heard Dahmer quit eating people before he got caught. F*** @KennyOmegamanX . If he wants to be respected as a wrestler, too f**kin late.

Fan: I dunno man, I mean, even Stone Cold used to be The Ringmaster. Wrestlers change and get better. And Kenny has become one of the best.

Cornette: Steve Austin never blatantly s**t on the sport. He was given a poor gimmick but persevered. Omega delights in being a phony videogame f**k.

Fan: You wrestled a ninja turtle… should we not respect you despite all of the great work you’ve done?

Cornette: The “turtle” was a grown man who could actually have probably whipped me–not a grade school kid or inanimate object. Nice try turdblossom.

Fan: Why do you hate him? Lol Also there’s been times you bring him up whenever the subject isn’t even about him at times for whatever reason.

Cornette: Because I want this dipshit to know exactly what I say about him so there’s no misunderstanding. He should not be allowed in our business.

Fan: It’s incredible you do not see what we see…5 minutes doing some intense spots and doesn’t even hurt her in any way – That’s a safe worker.

Cornette: What are you on, LSD? That’s the point! 5:00 with an 8 yr old girl & doesn’t hurt her? Makes it phony bulls**t anyone can do. Are you blind?

Fan: He wrestled that girl at a small show that he didn’t even know was being filmed, pretty sure it was an intermission exhibition also.

Cornette: Oh that explains everything! You f***ing lunatic, it was a show, there were fans there. You can’t weasel d**kweed out of this one.

Fan: Yes but if he failed any of those moves we would have had a girl in the ring crying and we didn’t.

Cornette: So you’re saying @KennyOmegamanX is such a weak, ineffective, pu$$y of a wrestler he physically can’t make an 8 year old girl cry.

Fan: Jim, I like you but I’m really really really looking forward to Kenny smacking the taste out of your mouth.

Cornette: Apparently you’ll be waiting awhile, he can’t make a little girl cry. Of all things I’m scared of, a wanna-be flippy wrestler is not one.

Below is what Kenny Omega replied to Cornette:

I like you, Jim, but if you want to bury me, please don’t tag me in it. We just started the G1 and I can’t have this polluting my TL. Thanks

Cornette replied back with the following:

More of your idiot fans needed slapped down. You polluted my eyeballs w/your blowup doll match. BTW how’s the lil’ girl you couldn’t beat?

You can watch Omega wrestling a little girl below:

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