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Let’s take a look at the top 20 news stories of the day from the world of WWE (SummerSlam 2017, WWE Title, BROKEN gimmick) & Professional Wrestling:

20. The Hurricane Says He Left Impact Because of Bull$hit, Says Jeff Jarrett’s First Creative Idea In Impact Was Stealing Donald Trump’s Slogan

During a recent appearance on The Sheet podcast, former WWE Superstar Shane Helms (f.k.a The Hurricane) talked about why he left Impact/GFW, Jeff Jarrett’s creative ideas & more. Below are the highlights:

On why he left Impact:
“I think the technical term is bovine defecation. The street term is bullshit. Of course, financial played a part into it. But the reason there were too many agents or producers is because he brought in his buddies who aren’t qualified to be there. So if you hadn’t brought in unqualified people to put into those positions the situation would never have arisen. I caught some residual heat when the contractual situation with Anthem and the Hardys broke down. I got text messages asking me what did I know. Just a lot weird, angry texts and very unprofessional and inappropriate texts to me. To the point where there had to be a phone call made and then I had to get loud. I’m not putting up with this. And having to tell Jeff, ‘You’re not going to talk to me in-person like you’re talking to me on this phone. At least you better not.’ My reputation for how I handle myself in the business is kind of well-known. Then he seemed to calm down. When we got to TV it was kind of like, ‘Is everything cool?’ And he assured me it was and nothing was going to happen and whatever residual heat that was there wasn’t there. But even when I met Ed (Nordholm) the next time there was some kind of weird standoffishness towards him. But I still had my hopes up because of the job I was doing. I liked being an agent, I liked coaching people, I like teaching people and stuff like that. I was enjoying it and I was staying positive, but the writing was on the wall.”

On Jeff Jarrett stealing Donald Trump’s slogan:

“His first creative idea in Impact, to ‘Make Impact Great Again,’ was literally to steal a slogan from Donald Trump. That was his first creative idea. The first one while he was there. And I was like, ‘Well number one that’s not creative at all. Number two, do you realize half the country hates this guy?’ And that’s why they took off the ‘Again’ part to say ‘Make Impact Great.’ Okay, we’ll change it up a little bit and nobody will know the difference. But that was literally his first creative idea was to steal somebody else’s slogan.”

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