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2. GFW Demanding Too Much In Return For The Hardy Boyz To Use The BROKEN Gimmick

A deal was made between The Hardy Boyz & GFW regarding the use of the “BROKEN” gimmick about a week back, but Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Anthem President Ed Nordholm isn’t willing to sign the contract. Below is what Meltzer said:

“They made a deal last week. But when that happened I was pretty much told that they’ve come close before and it’s fallen apart and you know the fact is even though it was agreed upon, Ed Nordholm had not signed off on it. And that happened, you know, it’s happened before. So it’s a very tenuous tense situation. They’ll kind of mediate the thing, they’ll come to an agreement and then Impact won’t sign off on it. It seems to happen. You know, I remember when I was told about the deal pretty much, you know, being close to done, there was the caveat of, ‘well they may back out again ’cause they always seem to do that.’”

Sports Illustrated is now reporting that apart from the $10-15k that The Hardy Boyz would have to pay to acquire the rights to the “BROKEN” gimmick, GFW also demanded 50% of the revenue made from the gimmick and revenue made from Jeff Hard’s band and artwork. According to Sports Illustrated, The Hardy Boyz considered this deal a “a monumental heist and money-grab.”

Below is a statement issued by GFW:

“WWE has clearly stated via email that they do not want the ‘Broken Brilliance’ IP [intellectual property]. GFW has been and always will be open to a licensing agreement for the IP to all parties, which is customary in the music and entertainment business, but revolutionary in the professional wrestling business.”

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