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Major Update On Plan After The Rock’s Heel Turn

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At the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff press conference in Las Vegas, a surprising twist occurred as The Rock, after two decades, embraced a villainous persona, aligning with Roman Reigns and publicly disrespecting Cody Rhodes by slapping him.

In the lead-up to the event, fans anticipated a main event between Reigns and The Rock, generating significant online support for Rhodes and animosity towards The Rock.

Despite this, The Rock maintained his usual fan-friendly demeanor on social media and at the press event, seemingly unfazed by the negative reactions.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported about The Rock’s heel turn:

“The goal with The Rock acting like he was perplexed with the boos, pretending they weren’t happening and doing his usual shtick was to build to his heel turn and shock people when he sided with Roman Reigns.”

In an update, WrestleVotes is reporting that The Great One is set to embrace his iconic “Hollywood Rock” persona from back in the day:

“Sources suggest that The Rock is expected to fully embrace his heel turn, drawing inspiration from his past ‘Hollywood’ Rock persona.

Additionally, I’m told to anticipate the release of Rock branded ‘Cody Crybabies’ merchandise. The story is just beginning…”

Roman Reigns and The Rock will appear on this Friday’s SmackDown to confront Triple H.

The Rock sent the following message to Cody Rhodes on Instagram:

“I was born into this crazy world and I love every second of it.

It’s been decades since pro wrestling has been buzzing like this for WRESTLEMANIA and this has become rare air that we’re all breathing, and it’s very f**king cool & exciting for us, as wrestlers, our company and most importantly – all our fans.

Your hero f**ked around and he found out quick what happens when you talk about our family with disrespect.

Lines crossed and blurred – bring it.

We don’t toe the mark for no one.

Road to WrestleMania begins…

~ people’s champ”

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